Chicago Marathon Training – Week 6

Week 6 of Chicago Marathon Training done and dusted. It was tough, but no one said running a marathon would be easy. Details below of how week 6 sessions went and now it’s only 10 weeks until marathon day!

Monday – 12 x 400m – Av Pace – 7:34 min/mile

It appears that when I can’t make Run Club, my coach sets me a much harder session!! That sucks as I am away a lot this holiday time, so it looks like I have to suck it up and get on with the hard training sessions. Making it to a track to complete this session was amazing. I LOVED IT! It was so nice to run on a track. I obviously got a little over-excited running on a track, as my warm-up mile was way too fast!

Girl running on track
Obviously this photo wasn’t posed for the ‘gram’ hehe

Tuesday – Rest Day

I did plan to do a home strength session and it just didn’t happen. So rest day.

Wednesday – Doug Anderson 5K race – Av Pace 8:26 min/mile

It wasn’t quite what I had hoped for, but you can read all about it here.

Race photo
It almost looks like I am enjoying this race!

Thursday – Club Session – Av Pace – See photo

This session was SO hard. My legs were not my friends, but luckily they let me complete the session with paces that were not too bad! My legs felt heavy during the warm up, then we did 3 x 4 mins @5k pace. Luckily, I knew my pace from the day before! The 3 x 2 mins – faster than 5k pace; I wasn’t totally sure I had any faster in my legs, but I worked hard. The 7 minutes tempo. My coach has increased my tempo pace, so I was aiming for 8:45 pace and got it pretty much spot on. Then to finish the session 3 x 1 minute. I worked hard, but my legs were not happy by these sprints!

Splits from run club training session.

Friday – Rest Day

I desperately needed my legs to be ready for the weekend of running, so I spent plenty of time on the foam roller and completed a yoga stretch session for runners.

Saturday – 6 mile easy – Av Pace

Sorting a route for this run just wasn’t happening. I needed to get it done and I didn’t really want to think about it too much. I also didn’t like the idea of tackling ANY inclines, so I opted for the treadmill. Tunes on and in the comfort of my own garage it meant #sportsbrasquad too.

I decided to concentrate on form whilst doing this run, so different KM’s were to concentrate on arm position, then arm drive, then glute engagement, foot placement etc. It made the run go by ok.

Sunday – 18 miles Long Run – Av Pace

I am SO bored with writing about how bad my long runs are going during this training cycle. The silly thing is, I think it’s my mind that is letting me down more than my legs. I wasn’t overly confident heading out, but I had to give it ago. After last weeks tough run, I was nervous about this and then when mother nature called giving my painful period cramps I just went with it!

I was lucky enough that I had club mates with me for the first part of the run. I had said that I wasn’t too bothered about keeping to pace and even when we hovered around the 10-minute/mile pace, I felt ok but not as comfortable as I thought I should have! On reflection, it was probably the 6 miles the day before that caused this. I have never run Saturday and Sunday during other marathon cycles, so I suppose I am just getting my body used to running on tired legs!

3 Ladies running.
All smiles for the early miles during this training session

Solo from mile 10 onwards and I thought I would be able to grind out 8 more miles. But I just got slower and slower and kept stopping. Many times I had to give myself a talking too. I was drinking far more water than usual, so when I ran out of water around mile 12, I knew I was going to struggle to get to 18 miles.

Trying every trick in the book to keep myself going; mantras, why I was running, how I would feeling once I was finished, but none of it worked. At 16 miles, I quit and headed for the nearest shop. Let’s just say my coca-cola did not last long!

When quitting at 16 miles, I thought to myself that I would jump on the treadmill later that evening to finish off the run – that DID NOT happen.

At times I have worried about not hitting all my sessions, or not feeling how I think I should feel, but keep reading back over the previous marathon cycles on here is helping me realise, I am training hard than I ever have before and some speeds are faster than before, so again, I just have to ‘trust the process’ as Marathon Talk Podcast would say!

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