Chicago Marathon Training – Week 4

Week 4 has been interesting in the world of marathon training and I’m glad it’s now behind me! But marathon training isn’t linear, so I’ll just go with it and trust the process. There is still plenty of time until the Chicago Marathon.

Monday – 4-mile progressive run Av. Pace 10:30

Very tired legs today and solo parenting again so hit the treadmill for this session. I started super slow to let my legs warm up. I ended up doing a progressive run. I’m not totally sure of my actual pace as my watch is not quite in sync with my treadmill yet. The run started at 8km/h and finished at 12km/h. I really want to get a footpod but they are quite expensive!

Jumping shot
Jumping for joy after completing my tempo run!

Tuesday – Rest Day

This was a total rest day, not even a gym session, I am feeling quite tired at the moment, so resting is just as important as the hard work.

Wednesday – 1 mile Warm up, 5 tempo miles Av Pace 8:59

The usual full on panic about my tempo run and then it actually going ok. I couldn’t face another run by the lakes, so the route wasn’t even flat yet I hit all my paces and felt amazing once it was over.

Thursday – Warm up, 3 x 1.5 miles of an undulating loop! 🤮Av Pace 10:25

I felt rather sick for most of this race and it wasn’t all to do with effort! I also messed up as this loop is one we do in training, so I just ran the loop and it wasn’t until after that I remembered we overlap part of the loop to make it up to 1.5 miles. So I actually did 1.3 loops!

Friday – Rest Day

Another complete rest day. I really should have done some yoga and stretching but it just didn’t happen!

Saturday – 6 Miles easy Av Pace 10:16

I was looking forward to this as I had arranged to run with friends and do a Parkrun sandwich. It didn’t quite to plan. I had had an awful nights sleep and my stomach was really not right.

We headed off to run to Parkrun, but after 1.6 miles I felt really lightheaded and wobbly. We stopped to walk and I headed into a local shop and bought the trusted Haribos to fix me. We walked the rest of the way to Parkrun and that short walk I had decided not to run, to run, not to run x 50.

I was feeling a little better as it got closer to running, so I decided to hang at the back take it easy and stop if I still didn’t feel well. I completed it and actually felt ok. We completed another lap to make up the mileage but it was very warm and I could feel myself fading so we called it quits at 5.3 miles.

We still had to get back to the car, so a nice walk and natter back meant I did get the distance and some, but just not all running!

3 ladies jumping
It was all about the jumps this week.

Sunday – Long Run 10 miles Av Pace 10:00

As this was a drop back week my plan only said 10 miles. I had signed up to the Virgin Sport ASICS London 10K a month or so ago. I was lucky that it fell on a drop back week and I thought I could get to London early run 4 miles prior to the race and then enjoy the race. This didn’t quite happen as I missed the train, so instead I ran the race, got home and then hit the treadmill in the evening to get my 10 miles banked!

I really wish I had someone to take my photo, then it wouldn’t have to be such a close up!!

I love running in London and will do a full blog post on the run this week, but the treadmill was TOUGH! It was warm and it just needed to be done. I looked at the time almost every minute and was ready to give up SO many times. But I took my motivation from @triandrungirl She has completed 40 miles on the treadmill this week, including a 14-mile run. If she could do 14 miles, I could keep going for 4!

The sweat was dripping off me so much at the end of the session, I actually looked up at the ceiling to see if there was a leak!

Next week is a new week and we go again. No-one has ever said marathon training is easy, but it is worth it! If you haven’t read week 1, week 2 and week 3, have a read now.

What are you currently training for? Let me know how it’s going below.

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