Chicago Marathon Training – Week 3

Week 3 of Chicago Marathon Training has been and gone, so let’s see what happened! I was back to #runclub this week which was good.

Monday – 6 x 800m – Av. Pace 8:09/mi

Rather than just running an 800m loop our club pair us up with similar ability runner. We then set off in different directions until we meet – Ideally around 400m, you then turn and head back in the direction you have just come. This obviously keeps you working hard, as you should get back to the start at around the same time as your partner.

After run club smiles
All smiles once the session is over!

800’s are hard enough and this system keeps you honest and is hard work. My legs felt tired, but I worked hard.

Tuesday – Rest day from running

AM – Upper body & Core session

Wednesday – 1-mile WU 4 tempo Av. Pace 9:06/mi

As always this run feels me with dread, but once it gets going I really quite enjoy (??) it. We didn’t head out until 7:30pm for this, which was quite nice as the temperatures had dropped. We searched for a flat route and after sorting logistics of cars, we headed out.

During the warm up my legs felt pretty heavy and I did wonder how I was going to get to my tempo pace. But, as soon as my watch beeped the first mile I upped my pace and actually it felt ok, if anything I had to hold myself back a little as I knew I had to hold this pace for four miles.

I came away from this run feeling really positive and like I was actually making progress. (Tempo Miles: 1 – 9:00, 2 – 8:51, 3 – 8:47, 4 – 8:53)

Thursday – Gully Run at #runclub Av. Pace 10:05/mi

I was really struggling today. Everytime I stood up I felt dizzy. I rested during the day, but I just didn’t feel 100%.

Elevation Map of the Gully Run
Gully Run

The Gulley run with my club is a 1200m loop of a local park, that includes a set of steps in! It’s such hard work as the steps are not even and you really have to concentrate as your legs are burning! The loop is a little undulating as well so this is a tough loop. I took it easy to start with due to the dizzy feeling, but as soon as I was grouped with other runners, my competitiveness kicks in! After training, my husband took my blood pressure and for some reason it was low; which would explain my dizziness! Not sure why this occurred, I have never suffered previously, if anything my blood pressure has always been on the higher side of normal!

Friday – Rest day from running.

This day was SO needed, but I did make sure that I got in a Lower body and core session in.

Saturday – 5 miles with Secret London Run

I won a competition on Facebook back in April to run with Secret London Runs, which I have been fortunate to run with previously (Read here) We covered just over 5 miles, with lots of stops. I am going to write a separate blog post all about it, but for now, all I will say is if you like running, especially running in London, get yourself booked on one of these tours. They are amazing.

Even though our pace wasn’t fast and we stopped lots, my quads felt quite heavy and I was tired by the time I finally got home.

Sunday – Long Slow Run – Av: 10:25

My legs were achy (I suppose that’s what you get from marathon training!), I was still feeling a little light headed and dizzy, so I decided to slow this run down right from the start. I decided this run was about listening to my body and banking the miles.

Mile legs felt very heavy at the start and I stopped a few times to stretch them. I ran the first 9 miles solo listening to marathon talk and the miles ticked over nicely. Just prior to mile 9, I met with Christine, which was much needed company. We chatted along the next 6 miles and I was ready for it to be over and done with by the end, but I think that always happens when you know you are finishing at a certain distance. The positive was that my final 2 miles were my fastest (proof that I was wanting it to be over! hehe)

And just like that week 3 has been completed and week 4 awaits. This week is going to be a bit of a drop back week. I am running the ASICS London 10K on Sunday, which I am looking forward too.

Are you running the 10K on Sunday? Let me know in the comments below.

Are you marathon training? How is it going?

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