Chicago Marathon Training – Week 2

This week could be tough; my husband is away so I can not go to any of my club training sessions. I also have a family party on Saturday night, so my long run is going to have to happen on Saturday AM. But if I want to run Chicago Marathon, I have to get the sessions done, so here goes week 2 of marathhon training. (Read Week 1 here )

Monday – 10 x 400m – Av. Pace

My daughter had her Brownie meet up in a local park this week, so I decided I would drop her off and do my session in the park. The park appeared to have NO flat sections at all, so this session was ridiculously hard! I found a 400m section, but one way was uphill and the other downhill. My legs did not like me AT ALL, so this was a really tough session.

Smile or grimace face? The joys of marathon training
Don’t be fooled by the smile!

Tuesday – Rest day from running

AM – Upper body & Core session

Wednesday – 2 mile WU 3 tempo Av. Pace

I headed out straight after the school run, before I could talk myself out of this, or worry about it. The weather was gorgeous and I just got on with it.

Lake View

This felt harder than last week, but I was happy to complete my tempo miles in 9:00, 8:54, 8:54.

Thursday – 1 mile WU 4 x 1 mile – Av. pace

AM – Strength session – legs and core. Tiredness saw the last set of core exercises halved!

I was lucky that a friend had agreed to run with me, so we met and ran the mile warm up together. It was a VERY hot day, so drinks were left on a bench and the plan was to do laps of a lake which I was sure was exactly mile. We went off in different directions and I immediately knew I had set off too fast. I tried to pull it back, but the setting off too quickly made me pay towards the end of the mile. You can imagine my annoyance when the lake loop was less than a mile and I had to run past the bench and loop back! The first mile clocked in at 8:41. I knew then I had set myself up for a tough session, as none of the next 3 mile reps could be slower than that!

Friday – 4 miles easy – Av. Pace

The weather has been gorgeous this week, perfect to get out a run. So I jumped on the treadmill for this one! It just needed to be completed.

Treadmill selfie Marathon training
Marathon Training on the treadmill

Saturday – 13 miles LSR – Av. Pace 10:04

For some reason, I was dreading this run- stupid brain. Thinking I was too tired as I was on day 4 of consecutive days running. I had to run it solo and that worried me. I set off around 7 am, and the weather was perfect, sunny but a cool breeze. Marathon Talk podcast was selected and off I ran. I decided to tag the local Parkrun to the end of my run, planning to incorporate it into the last three miles, but then realised that I would have a long walk back, so I ran mile 10, 11, and 12 during Parkrun (too quickly obviously) which made the final mile towards home a little tougher than it should have been.

Running Watch Marathon Training
The longest ever Parkrun?

A little self-conscious and feeling silly, as I still had my hydration pack on which felt alittle excessive for a 3 mile run. I felt I needed to shout to everyone that this was part of my long run 🙂

Sunday – Rest Day – Av. Pace – SLOW!!!

This was very much needed and appreciated. Bring on Week 3!

How is everyone else marathon training going?

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