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InstaSays – What do you look forward to the most at the end of a run?

When I was training for the Chicago Marathon (read about it here) I used to play mind games with myself to get through some of the long runs. One of them was telling myself that I could have a coke at the end of the run, as long as I didn’t walk!

Looking forward to treats can really help you get through a race/run. The MNDA is awesome at post-run treats. The cold mars bar at the end of the London Marathon is the best ever. So this week, I thought I would ask the running community on Instagram what they looked forward to at the end of a run. I am a big fan of For Goodness Shakes chocolate milkshake too. A few runs have been mapped to finish at the local supermarket so that I can buy a milkshake.

Is you post run treat listed below? If you look forward to something different, let me know in the comments. Add your IG handle and I can add it to the post.


That is the joy of getting a coke after 22 miles!

A cuddle with my cat!!❤️😽

Sitting that evening with a nice glass of something feeling proud as hell of myself.🥰🙌🏻

A glass of milk! Sometimes with Nesquik mixed in 😂

A large glass of chocolate milkshake.

If it’s a long run day with Ruth & Christine it’s definitely a hot drink & a snack.🙂

A diet coke 😂

InstaSays - Feature Post

InstaSays – What are your running goals for September?

How is it September already? This is just a crazy year! Didn’t  April seem to last for a year on its own and now it’s September. The weather seemed to change over night and it now feels like 2021 is crashing toward us quicker than Eliud Kipchoge can run!

So, for this weeks InstaSays I  decided to ask what everyone’s goal is for September. After my crazy moment and signing up for the Virtual London Marathon. (I say crazy as I gave myself a 5-week marathon training cycle) I have no choice. I’ll be using September to try and get some long runs in!😬

If you missed last week’s InstaSays, click here. Also, make sure that you are following my on Instagram so that you can get involved.

Find out below, what others are setting their sites on. Please feel free to add your own goals to the comments, with you IG handle and I can add it to the post.

Logo trainer photo

Finish marathon training strong and without injury!


Maintain consistent mileage (40+) a week alongside strength training.


Consistency with having a new job but remaining kind to myself (2nd one is the hardest)


Increase my mileage and get used to the heat!!🥵🥵


Make it through having ran at least once!🙈😂


I did 100 miles in August. So hoping to beat that with 120!


InstaSays - Feature Post

InstaSays – What is your favourite training session?

Earlier in the year, when Manchester Marathon was cancelled along with all other races, I assumed I would not be running a marathon in 2020. Well that was a sensible assumption, until I had a crazy half an hour on a road trip to Scotland. 

When London Marathon announced that they were hosting a virtual race a few weeks back, I remember looking. I wasn’t sure if the race was open to anyone, or just those previously entered. When I couldn’t find the link I assumed it was the latter.

Then as I scrolled through Instagram Stories, I saw that Emma (@thephdrunner) was entered. Stupidly I sent and asked how she entered. Emma then very kindly sent me a link. Obviously that meant that I HAD to enter. When will I ever learn??? Emma it is entirely your fault 🤣.

So a crazy 30 minutes means that I now have 26.2 miles to run (with a lot of walking) in FIVE WEEKS! That means my training is needing to ramp up. Obviously I have run marathons before (read here, here and here) but I think this is going to be a very different experience! 

So this week I used InstaSays to ask what everyones favourite training session was. Below are the responses. 

London Marathon Expo 2019
It's a shame there is no expo this year. Last year was SO much fun!

6 x 1 mile at marathon pace. When you get it right  😂


Sunday long run, it’s the victory lap of the week. Time to just enjoy some steady/easy miles.


Speed work 🤗 🥵


2 mile warm up, 5K tempo pace, 2 miles cool down. Longish run, but a bit in the middle to push yourself 😊


I do like a bit of intervals (which I haven’t done for ages)!

Does rest day count?😂 🤣


Are you running the Virtual London Marathon? Let me know below. If you have signed up late, let me know what your training is going to like. I am planning a run/walk strategy, would love to know what your race day plans are too. 

InstaSays - Feature Post

InstaSays – What is your running mantra/go to quote?

When I ran the London Marathon for the first time in 2014, I remember reading a quote on the back of a runners vest. It was mile 22 of the marathon, I was starting to fade and the quote said “She believed that she could, so she did.” That quote really helped me to finish that marathon. It is my go to now, whenever things get tough. 

Positive mental attitude and positive affirmations can really help during races (and everyday life to be honest) So I thought I’d ask Instagram what everyone’s mantra / go to quotes.

Quote Keyring

Always Forward


Just take the next step💙


You know you can do this! Just a bit further


You can! You will! 🏃‍♀️❤️


Pain is temporary, glory is forever.


Keep smiling, keep moving 🙌🏻


Keep showing up


You can do tough shit!


Do you use any of the above? Do you have another one? Drop your quote below and you IG handle and I can add you to the list.

InstaSays - Feature Post

InstaSays – How are you keeping yourself motivated with no races on?

Recently I shared a post discussing virtual challenges and races. Read here. I have found that these have kept me motivated during lockdown, especially with no events to train for. I then wonder how everyone else was managing to keep themselves motivated. So I put up a question box on my InstaStory asking “How are you keeping yourself motivated with no races on?” and below are the answers.

InstaSays Logo

I’ve just moved to a new country – so am using running as an opportunity to explore!


Virtual races and working on speed!


Work is keeping me busy with exercise sessions for patients due to COVID, so not doing much running.


Setting long term goals. (100 miler booked for October😬).



Focussing on getting strong and building a good base for 2021.


Signing up for virtual runs and eating all the food. 🐷


Running lots of easy miles. ❤️❤️❤️


Lots of virtual races, you meet tons of new friends & more strength work at home.🤗


I’m not…😂


By reminding myself how strong and fit I want to be for the day that races return!


Do you have a different way to keep yourself motivated? Drop a comment below, with your IG handle and I will add it to the list. If you enjoy reading these, please consider subscribing and following me on Instagram so you can take part. 

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InstaSays – Advice for New Runners

The running community on Instagram are very supportive, passionate about running and knowledgeable. If I am in need of an answer, I will often ask the question there and get lots of advice.

So, this gave me an idea! Why not start a blog series called ‘InstaSays’ I can ask a question. Hopefully a useful one and then collate all the answers here for people to refer too.

So this week I asked ‘What is the best piece of advice for a new runner?’ The media keep reporting how there are lots of people that have taken up running during lockdown. So if that is you, I hope this will be useful. Check out my blog post on ‘How to get started‘ if you are still thinking about starting.

InstaSays Logo

Smile, have fun, change up your route and remember this is for you, don’t compare.


Smile break miles


Run as slow as possible instead of walking


Listen to your body! Take the day off if you’re sore. Go easy when you are tired.


Small goals, they feel like huge achievements & make to stick with it.


Don’t worry about walking sometimes.


Relax, enjoy & smile.


Be kind to yourself first of all. Start slowly. Progress gradually. Don’t worry about pace and stick to it.

Use others for inspiration but don’t compare yourself to them! Just do what you can!


Just keep putting one foot in front of the other!


So what do you think? If you have any of your own suggestion please add it below and your IG handle to be added to the list. If you have any good questions for me to ask, drop those below too.