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InstaSays – When does running get easier?

This is surely the question that every beginner has asked at some point. To be honest, I’ve been running for many years and I still ask this question. Usually during mile one, when my body tricks me into feeling like I have never run before! Anyone else ever have that? Mile 1 you feel like you are going to keel over, yet by mile 4/5 you feel like you could run forever!

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Birthday run with Friends
I think running with friends always makes it easier and much more fun!

When you have a friend or two by your side to keep the miles ticking over.😊


It doesn’t – you get stronger. If it is too hard, just lower the pace & find that happy pace.


In all honesty, I don’t think it does 🤣 🤣


It doesn’t – you just get stronger. Stay consistent! Keep going. The high will come.


When you find the right support network


When you consistently train. But always pushing yourself means it is always hard.


It doesn’t get easier, you just get faster!


It never gets easier. You just get stronger, fitter, faster and test the limits occasionally!


When I joined a running club 😄


InstaSays - Feature Post

InstaSays – What is your biggest running achievement?

This question was suggested by Colin and I think it is a great one. But honestly, I am struggling to answer. There are so many. I think starting running was a huge achievement at the start. Then having the courage to attempt a half marathon. Immediately after the half marathon thinking how ridiculously long a marathon is so I would NEVER do that.

Somehow, I gained the courage to do a marathon. They are HARD and a LONG way, so the courage to sign up to another one knowing how tough it would be! The list goes on as I have obviously signed up to more since!! 

But, I suppose that if I had to select one achievement it would be my marathon PB in New York. Not only did I train hard for that, I was running it on my own and I just had the best time! 

So, below are the responses from Instagram last week. Remember to check my Instagram stories for this weeks question to get involved. Also, if you have suggestions for questions please let me know.

NYC Marathon Medal 2017

My first half marathon


My first marathon, 94 days after my 1st ever 10K. M2L 50 miles ultra was another big achievement


1.36 half marathon in 2017


Running a half marathon with the best support team Gary Skerrett 💙 🧡 💙 🧡


For me… running a marathon! 🏃‍♀️


I will hopefully hit 1000 miles run this year and I am so pleased it’s an idea for some years.


Completing my 1st marathon – thanks Ruth & Christine for getting me round 😘


Running 50 miles!!


InstaSays - Feature Post

InstaSays – What do you think about whilst running?

Some people are able to run to clear their minds, others solve all the problems. Some switch off and run in a trance. I remember writing a post on what I think about during a 20 mile race, you can read it here. I think I actually spent most of the race trying to remember what I was thinking about. But I was mostly thinking about the blog post!!!

So, last week I thought I would ask what everyone else thinks about! Funny that food seemed to be high on the list!!

trainers and beach

If I want a kebab or pizza after.


When will it end 😂 😂


What I am going to eat when I get back …😛


What I’m going to eat & drink


Not running.


How much longer I have to go! 😆


The run ending…lol


When the end is going to come 😂🤣




Food 😂 I often plan meals for the week on Sunday long runs.

But I also think about cakes I’d like to bake, my Masterchef menu etc.

Also second breakfast 😂


InstaSays - Feature Post

InstaSays – How has running changed your life?

“I dare you to train for a marathon, and not have it change your life” Susan Sidoriak

Running is such an integral part of some peoples life, yet some people hate it! I remember telling people that I was going to New York for my 40th Birthday, but to run the marathon. They thought I was crazy. Go to New York yes, but why run? Just go shopping, enjoy a drink or too. But when you ‘get’ running, you just GET IT!

Running has brought so many positives into my life; The support and love from the Run MND group that I am part of. The continual support and motivation from the running community on Instagram. The belief that I am stronger than I sometimes give myself credit for. The chance to travel to races, but also the chance to run and explore whilst travelling. The knowledge that I can ‘Do hard things’. When my brain is on overdrive and fuzzy, running allows me to take a break. It stops the constant fuzz and just lets me run. Ever had a problem that you are struggling to see a way out or solution? Go for a run and it somehow just seems to make sense? I think this list could be endless. So I put the question to Instagram last week and below are the answers.

It’s a pressure release valve, I’ve become addicted to endorphins & medals are 🙌🏻 


It has given me a new family in Run MND💙 🧡💙🧡


It’s given me belief, improved confidence, made me happy & I’ve made friends for life. 😊


Massively. Has given me a sense of community and improves my mental well being all the time.

Made me more confident and brave.


Made lifelong friends who I wouldn’t have met otherwise 😊.




I absolutely love these InstaSays, reading everyones else’s view on a question. Please let me know if you have an suggestions for questions to ask. Also, make sure that you are following me on Instagram. Check my stories every Wednesday for the question box and get involved.

InstaSays - Feature Post

InstaSays – What is your favourite song to run too?

I just love how music evokes memories. You can be listening to the radio and then one song comes on and it transports you back to senior school. This definitely happens to me with Oasis Wonderwall. I listen to this song and suddenly I am in the Sixth Form again! Play American Pie and I am back on the ski slopes with school friends.

It also has the power to motivate you. Ever found certain songs make you pick up the pace? Can anyone run slowly to Eye of the Tiger? I have so many songs that remind me of races too. London Calling is almost always played before the Big Half Marathon. Mr Brightside is one of my all time favourite songs and when it came on just prior to starting the New York Marathon it gave me all the feels.

So last week, I asked Instagram what is your favourite song to run too. I might even make a playlist on Spotify using the tracks suggested!


Wake me up by Avicci


At the moment it’s Head & Heart by Joel Corey – I love it ❤️




Don’t stop me now, Queen


Fit but you know it, by The Streets


Anything by Queen


Bizarrely ‘Patience’ by Take That – It’s the perfect beat for running up a hill🤣


Macklemore – Downtown or Lizzo – Good as Hell


Thriller! Love a bit of MJ!


U2 Beautiful Day


On the run (trance music)


Let me know what your favourite song is below, they may just all keep me company on my next run!



This is super, super exciting and a little (LOT) scary too. Welcome to Mum’N’Dad@70. What the hell is that I hear you ask? Okay, let’s just pretend you asked 😉 This is my new challenge to help me finish my old challenge with a little twist! Clear as mud, yes!

Mum'n'Dad@70 logo
Thank you again to Jamie for the amazing logo


So, last year I started my MNDAD@70 challenge. If this is new to you, you can read all about it here. But a shortened version is; I was trying to do 70 giveaways via my social media channels to celebrate what should have been my Dad’s 70th birthday. I contacted companies asking them to donate prizes and then raffled them. You purchased the tickets through donating to my Justgiving page. So all the money went straight to the MNDA.


The challenge was ticking along nicely. It was a little daunting and overwhelming at times. SEVENTY prizes = LOTS. I was very fortunate that some businesses were very generous. We managed to get to 31 giveaways and raised over £800.

The last giveaway took place last October. Time just disappeared and I had planned to start it all again at the start of 2020. Well then 2020 struck, need I say more…

In Olaf stylee (Frozen 2, it’s a cracker!), my mum died unexpectedly, COVID took over the world and everything just went a little weird. Bizarrely the days during this year have, at times, felt like they were dragging, but all of a sudden the year has flown by. Like many people I have been feeling a little lost and like I had unfinished business. Charities have missed out on so much fundraising this year, so it got me thinking.


Ding, I had an idea that just seemed to fit together perfectly. If I add MU to the front of MNDAD@70, it actually say, Mum ‘N’ Dad. If this wasn’t a sign to complete this challenge then I don’t know what is. Well, apart from the fact that next June would have been my mum’s 70th birthday. Doesn’t it all seem to fit perfectly? This challenge could be completed by next June, as that’s when my mums birthday would have been.

So, that’s when Mum’N’Dad@70 was born! The challenge will be completed, but this time raising money for TWO charities. I have set up a new fundraising page so that the money will now be split between the British Heart Foundation and the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

I have been working hard behind the scenes to get this off the ground again and lucky some companies have been generous enough to donate some prizes, but I have now found out that I need a license to be able to run these raffles. So that is where I am now. I have put in the application form and paid the fee, but as soon as we get the green light, we can get this challenge going. Whoop whoop (Can you tell that I am excited?)

Hopefully, it means that you will get the chance to win some great prizes, whilst I get the chance to raise lots of money for two charities that are very close to my heart.

My Mum and Dad were two of the kindest and giving people, so the thought of raise money and awareness in the memory seems very fitting. I appreciate that 2020 hasn’t been kind to many people, so if you are unable to donate money or the prize on offer does not appeal to you, please get involved by sharing the posts about Mum’N’Dad@70, liking the content shared and commenting as that helps me raise awareness and get the word out. The more people that are aware the more chance of people entering and raising lots of money.

Mum & Dad
My Mum and Dad

Also, if you have a link to a business that could offer a prize, please let me know. I know that I will be purchasing some gift vouchers myself for prizes but I would prefer not to have to do that 33 times! Make sure you are following me on Instagram, as that is where most of the publicity for the raffles will take place.

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