New York Marathon Training – week 1

I’ve been pretty useless on my blog lately, and I’m still questioning do I want to keep one? But as my NY Marathon journey has started, I have decided to document it, so that I have it all in one place, and can look back when I need too!! View this post on Instagram 16 weeks to go to the New York City Marathon!! This means the hard work has to start! This run wasn't so pleasant due to the fact I got in to bed a 4am this morning, after a 'few' alcoholic beverages!! When will I learn 😂…Continue reading New York Marathon Training – week 1

New York, New York

  In New York, you’ve got to have all the luck, Chuck Bukowski This year I will turn 40! How the hell did that happen? – I still feel like a kid, and when I was a kid 40 was old!!! It will happen in November, so what better way to celebrate than run the New York Marathon – ok I know that only runners will understand that thought – Non runners will think ‘why not have a party!!!, Since turning 39, I had this idea that I would run the New York Marathon in 2017, as it is being…Continue reading New York, New York