Building a base

I have been shocking at blogging this week, but the good news is I haven’t been shocking at running. Luckily, I have been consistent with my running. Slowly returning to running and building a base before my training plan kicks in for the Virgin Money London Marathon 2014.

I have read lots on training for a marathon. Also, I have tried to talk to all of my friends that have run marathons and soak up all the wise words. Last week, I read on the RunMummyRun Facebook page, about using the heart rate monitor to help with training. I then googled it to find out more information. I then decided to put on my HR monitor when I headed out for my long run last week. I had read that your long runs should be run at 65% – 75% of your maximum HR. So I decided to learn about another feature on my Garmin (I wish I could be bothered to read the full instructions!) and set the HR zones.

Off I went, and my watch started buzzing immediately, telling me my HR was too low. Give me a chance to warm up, I thought. So once into the flow of running, it buzzed continually telling me my HR was too high, so I tried to slow down. Even with trying to slow down, it still said it was too high. I ended up running 4 and 1/2 miles, at an average pace of 11.03-minute miles (a very comfortable pace for me), but my average HR was still 85% of my maximum HR!!??? Is this normal?

I decided to stick with the HR monitor for the next few runs, but I’m still not sure what it is telling me. Tuesday I managed to run with a work colleague, which was great, as we ran 3 miles and chatted the whole way round! Thursday I met a friend at the gym at 6.15 am to fit in a run before work. Again, we ran 3 miles, but this time she chatted the whole way – she is faster than me at the moment, so the pace was faster than I have run in a while, so I was happy to just listen! This friend that I ran with, Chicken, she has been desperate for me to write a post with her in it, but really I think she should be writing her own blog ‘The Chicken Run’, would be a good name for the blog, and she races almost every weekend, so she would be able to write lots of race reports!!

Today I got out for another Long Run, and ended up going the furthest I have run since Royal Parks Half, back in October. Again I had my HR Monitor on, again it told me my HR was too high, and again I felt like I was running at a very comfortable pace! I actually remembered to take a picture of my Garmin! I love seeing these photos from other runners and I always forget! But here it is…


And here is to another week building a good base, and more blogging. So, should I be concerned about my heart rate? Has anyone else trained using a Heart Rate Monitor?

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