Be careful what you wish for!


I was visiting the in-laws in Scotland, and was looking forward to getting some of my runs in whilst there. I have been visiting Dundee for a long time now and have discovered some great routes. I love running by water, so along the River Tay is ideal.

Where I live now, I consider fairly hilly, and I know routes along the River Tay that are flat!! So I couldn’t wait!

On the plan, a 45 min recovery run was scheduled. When I looked out of my hotel window and the sun was out!! Woop woop!


I walked to the river, headed round the corner of the last building and straight in to WIND!! Omg it was windy. My first mile and a half was into the wind! For every step I took forward, I felt like I was blown back 2!! I couldn’t wait to turn around and have the wind behind me!! It was SO hard, I actually think I missed the hills!!!!

After this experience, it concerns me that heavy rain and wind is forecast for Brighton half this weekend!! Anyone else toeing the line on Sunday?

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