Back on it

Wow, has it really been 2.5 weeks since I last blogged? I was all motivated, and loving working out and writing about it, then a stressful time at work and illness took over!

As a teacher, you always look forward to the summer term, as traditionally they are a little less stressful! I say traditionally, as that’s what people tell you! Yet summer terms are mostly about report writing and in my school exam marking – I am SHATTERED! 

On top of that I was wiped out last week with a cough, sore throat and just feeling exhausted! I spent 3 days in bed, even showering made me tired! Suffice to say, working out last week was a no go! 

I couldn’t wait to get back out running, I was gutted to be missing so many sessions, just at a time when I was really enjoying it! 

I am pleased to report that I managed TWO sessions on Monday. A killer hill session with my new club and then C25k with my sister after. 

Today I was back to the 5.30 am run!  


I was SO tired this morning and to be honest had I not been running with my sister, I may have hit the snooze button! That’s why it’s good to run with someone, they help keep you motivated. 

Do you run with a club? A run buddy? 

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