Sunday AKA Runday…

Yesterday my Sunday was certainly a Runday! First up, I had to send a tweet to my cousin wishing her luck as she was running her first 10k. I love the fact that she is running too, and that we have signed up to the Milton Keynes Half Marathon in March together. Hopefully, over the Christmas break, we will actually be able to get in a training run in together!! (Although her 10K time was awesome, so I may struggle to keep up!) Well done K.

I then headed off to The Running Show at Sandown. I have seen this advertised for the last couple of years, but this is the first time that I have attended, and I must admit, I was very excited about going. There was so much running gear on sale, that I am pleased to say that I was actually a little overwhelmed with the amount of gear – glad because it saved my bank balance! It’s easy to think that you need everything, but that’s the beauty of running, you don’t need alot – good trainers, comfortable clothing and you are off! I’d love to say this is how I run, but I have to admit I am a bit of a gadget girl, so tend to run with lots more attached.

I attended two of the free seminars at the show. The first was by Joel Enoch on Nutrition. Although a lot of what he said, was not new to me, it’s always good to be reminded. I do know what I should eat, but I certainly don’t always stick to it! I did like the fact that Joel was very good at stressing the 80:20 rule. Be good 80% of the time! Too many things I have read recently talk about strict rules, and cutting out treats altogether. For some reason, this causes me to crave every treat going, it’s as if my body worries that it’ll never have another treat again!! I have tracked my food intake today, and I can’t say its perfect, but after the seminar, I can definitely say that I made some better choices.

The second seminar I attended was ‘Preparing for a Marathon’. This was a little more comical, as the 2 blokes delivering the sessions were not completely technology savvy! The information they gave was pretty basic and general, but helpful. I don’t suppose you can be too specific as every runner is different, and what works for one, won’t necessarily work for another! They did make me chuckle in the Q & A, when a gentleman asked about running at Marathon Pace during training, and how does he know what pace that is? (I have often wondered this) So they asked him what time he was aiming for. He replied saying it was his first marathon, so he had no idea. So they talked generally about how long runs are roughly a minute slowly that your marathon pace, but intervals will be a minute faster. All sounding ok…. well then one of the gentleman said, most people will be running a 5 hour marathon, so that means a 9 minute mile, yes a 9 – 8.30 minute mile. I looked around the room, to see the look on peoples face. There were a few of us, shaking our head, but he carried on and said ‘So run your Long Runs at about 10/10.30 min miles and intervals at 7 minute miles, hehe. Poor guy, if he hasn’t run much before and then tries to hit those times, he may feel marathon training is a lot tougher!!

Obviously, after leaving the running show, all I could think about was attempting a Long Run. After only completing 2 x 2 miles last week, I thought 30 minutes would be a sensible run. I mapped out my run, topped up my Garmin charge, wrapped up (It was cold) and headed out.

I followed the route I had planned feeling very comfortable, and very happy to be running. It started to rain, most people wouldn’t be so happy at this point, but I couldn’t help smiling – I love running in the rain. This hasn’t always been the case, I remember there would be a time when I wouldn’t head out for a run if it looked like it was going to rain! But once I saw this poster


and I considered how many days I would potentially miss running due to the weather, I now head out in all weather! Pretty predictable, but I got carried away, and my 30 minute running, turned into a 50 minutes! I did split it into 15 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, 15 minutes running and then a combination of running walking the rest of the way home. I found the last mile tough going, but to be honest I am finding it really hard to know how much to do! This is when I really wished I had a coach! 

So to top off my Runday, I spent last night booking more races, to get my through the training, and adding my training programme from Women’s Running Magazine to my calendar! 

Which running schedules do you follow?


One week, two runs…..

…it’s been a while since i’ve been able to say this. Well only about 7 weeks, but it has seemed like a life time! I got up early on Thursday morning and ran before work. After the euphoria of running on Tuesday, I was so looking forward to this run, and even though it was nice, I wasn’t the bouncing ball of energy that I had dreamt about. Why is it when you haven’t run for a while, you picture every come back run, looking like Mo Farah – gliding effortlessly and fast….


The pain in my feet is still there! It has definitely improved with the orthotics and the stretching, but I have been reading about the Strassburg sock, and I am hoping that this is going to finally cure me. I am heading to The Running Show on Sunday, at Sandown Park, and they are on sale there, so I will certainly be purchasing one!

As well as heading to the running show, I am hoping to get a long run in this weekend – well, longer than 2 miles run! Its really difficult, as I am just not sure how much to do! Should I still even be running, when I know my Plantar Fasciitis hasn’t cleared up completely? It’s difficult – with only 142 days until London I feel resting isn’t an option.



Who’d have thought….

…that I could be so excited over a 1.83 mile jog!!! So I went out again today to try out my orthotics. I decided to walk the first part of my route, partly to avoid having to run up the slight incline outside my house, but also to take things easy and see how my feet felt. By the top of the hill, I was desperate to start running, so I thought, take it easy and stop when you need too. 1.83 miles later I was back at home!!

This run has made me realise why I love running so much. Even with the nights being dark and the weather heading towards freezing, it felt great to be outside and running. I felt myself smiling to with each step that I took. I thought about all the training that I am about to embark on in the lead up to London, and I am actually looking forward to it. (I am going to have to read this back, around the end of Feb, when I am tired and struggling to stick with my training plan!)

One of my downfalls of late, is not stretching, and I have read so many times how important this is, especially when training for a marathon! And, even though I haven’t actually started my plan (and won’t until the 23rd December) I am determined to make stretching a habit! So I am using the Nike Training Club App and completing the Kara Goucher’s Pro Running Stretches – I know I’m not a Pro, but I think it’s ok for me to do them!!! On the days that I have not run, I am doing the Shawn Johnson’s stretches on the app. So far so good!

The test now is going to be how my feet respond tomorrow. Fingers crossed, as I really want to be able to run again this week…