7 Weeks to go…..

I was so excited about being off work last week, as I thought that meant I would be able to blog a bit more, covering all the topics I often think about, but then forget when I sit down to write! I also hoped that it would make running a lot easier, and I actually might be able to run in the light. So I managed the running, but not the blogging!! I just don’t know where the week went!

After Brighton, I dreaded running a bit, as I was so disappointed how hard the race had felt, and I was worried that the training was going to feel the same. I headed out on Monday (17th) for a short recovery run, and was actually surprised how little I ached! I completed 2 miles at an average pace of 10.14 min/miles. This run felt like a very comfortable pace, so I was surprised when I saw the pace.

On the Tuesday, I headed out with my friend Kate. We covered 4.2 miles, chatting all the way around. Even though we were chatting I felt like we were pushing the pace, but my Garmin reported an average 10.48 min/miles. So when it came to Thursday’s tempo run, I had no idea what my pace was going to be like, and how hard I would find it!

My plan said to run easy for 15 minutes, then do 5 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy x 5, then 15 minutes cool down. I decided to turn my Garmin on as a guide, but then not to look at it, and run on effort. When I was running hard, it felt tough, and at times as if I was running in treacle! But I kept going, and completed 7 miles. When I checked my Garmin, I was pleasantly surprised! My first 5 minutes hard was ran at 9.26 pace, the next 5 minutes at 9.16 pace, the 3rd and 4th rep were 9.05 pace, and then the last 5 minutes was run at a 8.56 pace! Wow, i’m not sure I ever run at a pace 8.xx something for a whole 5 minutes! This run certainly lifted my spirits again, and my confidence going in to my long run at the weekend.

I needed to complete 2 hours 30 minutes for my long run, and I had booked Hampton Court Half Marathon, so decided to run 2 miles before the race, then the half, so I would cover around 15 miles. There are many race reports on the inargural race, and maybe I will write a race review at a later date, but for now I am pleased to report that my goal for the race, was to pace it sensibly and not start too fast, and that is exactly what I did. All bar 2 of my 15 miles (well, 14.6 miles!) were at 10 something minute miles, with the other 2 only just dipping in to the 9.50 minute/miles! I was glad when I got to the end of the run, but I did feel comfortable for most of the race, and was so chuffed to reach another milestone! 14.6 miles, is the longest run I have EVER done!!! 


15(ish) miles is a long way, but thats still 11 short of the marathon! When you finish 15 miles and realise that on marathon day you will need to carry on for another 11 miles, you start to realise just how far 26.2 miles is!!! I have to sign off now, as I am very tired, but keep checking back, as I have some exciting news and a competition coming real soon! Hope everyones training is going well….


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