3 weeks down, 13 more to go…

This week was another 100%, but it was a lot tougher than the other weeks. Tiredness from work is starting to kick in, tired legs from the accumulation of the miles, and the lack of organisation on the nutrition side, meant that there were times this week that I wasn’t looking forward to my runs.

Tuesday, I dragged myself around my newly discovered route, and it was tough getting my legs moving through the first mile. Wednesday, I dragged my niece out on her bike to accompany me. I am finding it really hard constantly finding new routes, and not having a run buddy. I keep contemplating joining the local club, but I think I’m being a bit stubborn! £6 a week to run the streets where I live seems expensive to me!

It was great having my niece with me, as it meant that I experimented a bit with the route. I ran to the next town, which as we were approaching seemed all up hill. We stopped and headed back, smugly saying to each other ‘it’s all down hill now’, yet after 5 minutes of running, we seemed to be heading up another hill! How is that even possible?

My training schedule is different this year, as I run Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Friday is also the day that my daughter has her swimming lessons, and I was struggling to find a time to run. I ended up wearing my kit to her lesson, and then getting my husband to drop me off on the way home, so that I could run home. Sounds great, but even that wasn’t so easy, as the first opportunity that he had to stop, which wasn’t on an ‘A road’, was only about 2 miles from my house! So again, I had to add extra loops where I could to make up the distance.

My plan stated that I needed to complete 80 minutes on Sunday. After doing 9 miles last week, I did think that I might do more. I set out with a vague route, but my problem is, I plan routes on mapmyrun, but soon find that there are no paths on sections of my routes! The run felt really hard at the start, I felt embarrassingly slow, but it was going up a hill. Into my 2nd mile and it still felt harder than normal. When my watch flashed up a 9:xx minute mile, I thought no wonder! The bizarre thing about my pace was it felt so slow and sluggish. I knew that I had to low myself down, but I felt embarrassed, as if people would think I would be quicker to power walk. Although i did slow myself down a little, the whole run felt tough. I spotted a new pathway and decided to see where it took me. I noticed some runners behind me, and felt silly when I had to stop to look at a map. I thought they probably thought I just needed a rest! But as they went past, I had to ask a local dog walker where I was so they could point me in the right direction home!

Last year was so much easier fitting in all my long runs, as I just booked a different event every weekend. There was so much going on in London. I am sure there are lots around here (Northamptonshire) but I just haven’t found them yet. I am excited to be running the Winter 10K run this weekend, and hope to attach some extra miles possibly in Hyde Park!

So the stats for this week:


Total mileage: 18.81 miles.

How is everyone else’s training going?

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