It’s been a while since I last blogged, but as it’s half term, so I thought I’d post! If you follow me on social media, you will have seen the hashtag #MNDAD70, and hopefully you will know what it is about. But just in case this blog reaches people that are not following me, let me explain. So my dad died in 2010 of Motor Neurone Disease. – for those that are not sure what this is, if I said Ice Bucket Challenge or Stephen Hawkins, you probably have heard of it at some point. It is the most horrendous […]

The Great South Run – Race Recap

My RunMND family has been taking part in this race for many years, and I remember watching it on the TV  looking for them, and it looked lovely, so a few months ago, I looked at booking it. I remember thinking it was expensive for a 10 mile race and kept putting it off. Then someone shared a competition to win a place, so I stuck my name in, and I was lucky enough to win a place, so thank you SimplyHealth and GreatRun. By the time I found out I was running it, a lot of the hotels in […]

Wellingborough 5 Miles – Race Recap

I know, it’s like buses!! I don’t race/blog for a while and then two come along in one week! Blame my club, as they have two club champ races in one week. So, if I’m going to delay my holidays for a race, I might as well do both of them! My niece and nephew held their annual #twinfest to celebrate their 5th birthday, so I was actually camping all weekend. I did wonder whether I would make the race, as I knew the celebration may involved some alcohol. Well, I was a very good girl and only had one […]

Doug Anderson 5k – Race Recap

I’m not one for paying for a 5K race – why would you when you have a free weekly 5K in Parkrun, but this race is part of our club championship and although I know I will never win, it does mean that I get an entry into the London Marathon club ballot. With ballot places becoming harder to obtain, I think it is worth giving myself more chances to get to run the great marathon again one day! 5K’s are hard, made harder when your training hasn’t been that consistent. Annoyingly, I seem to be saying this a lot […]

Mizuno Endure 24 2018 – Race recap

This was my third time at this event and for the third year in a row, I can say I LOVE THIS EVENT! For some reason, I didn’t write a race recap last year, but you can read 2016’s here. View this post on Instagram A huge thanks and well done to all who completed Reading #endure24 today, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! A post shared by Endure24 (@endure24uk) on Jun 11, 2017 at 9:59am PDT The event felt bigger this year, and I am sure there were lots more people running and spectating. If you […]

Brighton Half Marathon 2018 – Race Recap

I have run the Brighton Half marathon three times before, and I pretty much signed up for this year’s race immediately that it opened. This year, I was a little bit more organised and booked accommodation early, as in the past I have paid a fortune for hotels last minute! The race had a little bit of a make over, with new sponsors and colours, but it was just as awesome as always! View this post on Instagram So it’s the final day of my #photochallenge . I have really enjoyed seeing everyone’s photos, so thank you to everyone that […]

MK Winter Half Marathon – Race Recap

So, this is the race that was supposed to happen back in December 2017, but the weather decided it had other ideas. Back in December, I wasn’t entered for this race! Well, actually I wasn’t planning to run this race until about Thursday last week! Last weekend, we had the really sad, devastating news that a member of our RunMND family Dave Solomon had lost his battle with MND. He was one of the nicest men you could ever meet, and his love of life was evident for all to see! Dave’s wife had planned to run this race, and […]

TCS New York Marathon 2017 – Race Recap

So, it’s now time to recap the actual day, Sunday 5th November 2017! If you haven’t yet my read my lead up to race day, you can here. I had opted for the Staten Island Ferry transportation, and for anyone who has a place next year, I would recommend the ferry. A word of warning; the email comes through asking you to opt for your transportation before you even know what time you are starting the race. NYRR know what they are doing, so they only offer you transportation that will ensure that you get to the start on time. […]

TCS New York City Marathon 2017 – Part 1

When something is so epic, writing a blog post about it, is SO hard. I will never be able to do this race justice! This race report is also written in parts, so I am going to show the different sections, so hopefully the time frame makes sense! Part 1 So, I am currently sitting waiting for the arrival of my family and friends, to start the final celebration of my 40th birthday, and oh boy what a birthday it has been! For many years, when anyone spoke about me approaching my 40th birthday, I always told them that I […]

New York Marathon Training – Week 11, 12, 13 and 14

Can you tell by the title that training really ramped up! I have been training, working, training, working and in-between all of this trying to sleep a little and pack up my house! It is no excuse, but something had to give and unfortunately it was this blog. But I have a spare 5 minutes (surrounded by boxes!) so I wanted to document what training has taken place! Week 11 Monday View this post on Instagram 800's at #runclub tonight, but after 18 miles yesterday, mine were all done at recovery pace. I have been surprised how good my legs […]