Race Recap-Silverstone Half 2017; The agony of my very first DNF!

After running Brighton Half two weeks ago (Read about it here) I picked up a niggle, so knew that this race was always going to be touch-and-go. In between Brighton and Silverstone, I got the news about the New York Marathon, so that got me super motivated, hence not really wanting to DNS this race. Date: Sunday 12th March 2017 Time: Noon Weather: Heavy rain had been predicted all week, but we were actually very lucky, as it drizzled at most and when the sun came out it was actually quite warm. Course: I had remember from last year, that this […]

New York, New York

  In New York, you’ve got to have all the luck, Chuck Bukowski This year I will turn 40! How the hell did that happen? – I still feel like a kid, and when I was a kid 40 was old!!! It will happen in November, so what better way to celebrate than run the New York Marathon – ok I know that only runners will understand that thought – Non runners will think ‘why not have a party!!!, Since turning 39, I had this idea that I would run the New York Marathon in 2017, as it is being […]

Race Recap – Brighton Half Marathon 2017

It’s been a long time since I have toed the start line of a race. I have had so many DNS of late, and again I can’t say that I had fully trained for this race (stupid work gets in the way of training FAR too much)! But I LOVE the Brighton Half Marathon, and having run it for the last three years, so there was no chance of a DNS for this race! Date: Sunday 26th February 2017 Time: 9am Weather: Storm Doris had been calling the shots all across England in the week prior to the race, and when […]

How to keep motivated through the Winter Months

I smiled a little to myself as I wrote the title of this post, as I have found my running has been a little sporadic of late. Luckily, this hasn’t all been down to motivation, but I have found that the less I have been able to run, the harder I found it to motivate myself; and that is not just related to running! Just the 3 miles this morning, was supposed to be a lot more, but decided to listen to my body/mind and just go and walk, jog, talk and laugh #runwalktalk A post shared by Rularuns (@rularuns) […]

Race Recap – Rockingham 10

So far this Autumn I have had 2 DNS, and very erratic training! Great preparation for taking on Rockingham10 – NOT. To be honest, I was very close to DNS-ing this race too, as I have been battling a cold all week! The race is our club championship race, so I knew there would be a lot of my team mates from run club, so decided just to have a go! Date: Sunday 6th November 2016 Time: 1pm Weather: The morning was cold but bright sunshine and I thought there was the potential of a nice crisp run. Oh how wrong […]


As always the Olympics has inspired the nation and today the entire nation was invited to take part in events across the UK the celebrate the success of TeamGB. Some of the Olympians actually attended events put on. I am currently in Scotland, so did a little bit of Parkrun tourism.  I spend a lot of time in Dundee visiting family, so can’t believe I haven’t run the Camperdown Parkrun before today. The park is such a lovely setting, although I was slightly apprehensive about the hills before starting. 5k’s are hard enough without trying to run uphill too! The […]

Inspired by the Olympics? 10 things every beginner should know about running.

The Olympics are amazing. They never fail to inspire and bring the feel good factor to most of us. Watching athletes compete to their very best, seeing all their hard work pay off, it is very hard to not be inspired. I think inspiration, is not just about wanting to emulate them, but seeing how healthy and fit they are inspires me to want to be the best person that I can be. So, if you are finding yourself wanting to take up running, here are 10 things that I think every newbie should know: Very few people can go […]